Dr. Anna Ciaunica

I am a philosopher and cognitive scientist interested in interdisciplinary approaches to embodied cognition. My research focuses on the relationship between (a)typical forms of self-consciousness and social interactions.

I am a Principal Investigator at the Institute of Philosophy Porto, the Mind, Language and Action group (MLAG); and a Research Associate at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London, the Social Neuroscience Group.

I coordinate the international and interdisciplinary Network for Embodied Consciousness and the Arts (NECTArts) aiming at fostering creative collaborations between philosophers, scientists, artists and performers worldwide.

Here are my latest publications



Ciaunica, A. (2017) – Qu’est-ce que la conscience? Paris: Vrin. ISBN 978-2-7116-2739-4




Invited (recent, sample)

  • May 13th – 15th 2020 (forthcoming) - (Dis)Embodied Perception of the Self and Other in Human and Artificial Agents - Embodied Cognition at the Crossroads of Philosophy, Linguistics, Psychology and Artificial Intelligence, Cluj, Romania
  • March 10th 2020 (forthcoming) – Altered Self-Experiences in Depersonalisation and Meditation – Charleston College, USA
  • March 4th 2020 (forthcoming) – The Detached Self- Altered Visuotactile Integration in Depersonalisation, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.
  • CJanuary 29th – 31rst 2020 (forthcoming)– The Meeting of Bodies: Empathy and Basic Forms of Shared Experiences, International Congress of Psychiatry, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • October 23rd 2019 – Self-perception in Human and Artificial Agents, Workshop Self-perception in Human and Artificial Agents, University of Porto.
  • October 3rd 2019 – The Meeting of Bodies: Empathy and Basic Forms of Shared Experiences, University of Memphis, USA.
  • September 16th – 29th 2019 – Invited Lecture on Computational Psychiatry – Interdisciplinary Summer School in Neuroscience, Tubingen, Germany.
  • January 19th 2019 – Altered Self-Experiences in Depersonalisation, LMU Philosophy of Mind Group, Munich, Germany.
  • January 18th 2019- Estranged from oneself, Estranged from Others? Atypical Multisensory Self-Related Information Processing. LMU Munich, Germany.
  • January 17th 2019 – Activity and Passivity in Interactions - Invitation to embody, explore and investigate an intersubjective phenomenon; PRISMA workshop, Munich, Germany
  • October 5th - 7th 2018 - The Unreal Self - Altered Self-Experiences in Depersonalisation Disorder – Workshop on Selfless Minds: Radical Disruptions of Self-Consciousness, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, Germany.
  • September 24th 2018 – Altered Self-Modelling in Depersonalisation- a Predictive Processing Account. Theoretical Neurobiology Group research seminar, University College London, London, the UK.
  • August 27th – 28th 2018 The psychology and philosophy of self: 4E-cognition and philosophy of psychiatry – the Psychology and Philosophy of the Mind - Philosophy and Psychology Joint Symposium, University of Turku, Finland.
  • June 5th 2018 Altered Self-Awareness in Depersonalisation – The Body in Clinical Practices – Phenomenological and Empirical Perspectives, Archives Husserl, Ecole Normale Superieure Paris, France.
  • April 23rd 2018 The Virtual Self – Workshop Virtualism and the Mind: Rethinking Presence, Representation and the Self, University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • April 5th- 6th Estranged from Oneself, Estranged from the Others? Investigating Depersonalization and the Sense of Self, 4E Cognition and the landscapes of mental disorders, University of Exeter, the UK
  • March 21rst 2018 Self-Consciousness, Shared Embodiment and the Sense of Self, MLAG 2nd Graduate Conference, University of Porto, Portugal
  • January 16th 2018 Virtual Self-Awareness, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Social Neuroscience Group seminar University College London, the UK.
  • September 19th 2017 The Touched Self – Mind and cognition seminar IFLNOVA, Arglab, University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • June 7th 2016 Depersonalisation Disorder as a Form of Disembodiment. The Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study, University of London, the UK.
  • June 16th 2016 ‘Second-Person Awareness’ – comment on Naomi Eilan’s paper ‘Joint Attention and the Second Person’ - C-MLAG 2016 - Self-knowledge and the First-person- Institute of Philosophy, Porto
  • March 27th 2015 ‘Too Real versus Unreal – Predictive Processing and Autistic Perception’ – Birkbeck University College London, the UK.
  • March 16th 2015 The Second Person Comes First! – Early Self-Representations. Lunchtime Seminar, the Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study, University of London.
  • November 3rd 2015 ‘Communicate First, Think Later! Gricean Intention in Early Infancy’, King’s College Research Seminar on Language and Cognition, London, UK.

Peer-reviewed (recent, sample)

  • November 21rst 2019 – Altered Self-experiences in Depersonalisation and Meditation, Luminous Workshop, University of Oxford, the UK.
  • November 1rst 2019 - Modelling the Self through Others A Predictive Processing Account of The Emergence of Self-Models In Early Life (poster), Third X-SPECT workshop, University of Sussex, Brighton, the UK.
  • October 10th – 11th 2019 – Modelling the Self through Others – a Developmental Perspective, The Development of the Self Workshop, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • June 22nd-24th 2019 – Estranged from oneself, estranged from the others – investigating the impact of depersonalisation on self-other mirroring (poster). Sensorimotor UK conference, London, the UK.
  • May 16th 2019 – (Un)Real Selves –Contrasting the Experience of Self-Detachment in Real, Fictional and Virtual Worlds, Truth of Matter: process and perception in expanded animation practice, University of Westminster, the UK.
  • April 1rst 2019 – Body Representation in Depersonalisation and Autism. From Skin to Self Workshop, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL, London, the UK.
  • March 7-9th 2019 – Predicting the Relational Self – Philosophical, Psychological and Neurocomputational Perspectives. International Convention for Psychological Science, Paris, France.
  • March 18th-19th 2019 – Self- and Body-Representation in Depersonalisation, Mind & Brain Symposium, Berlin, Germany.
  • February 27th 2019 – Atypical Forms of Self-Consciousness. Philosophy Department lab Meeting, University of Barcelona, Spain.
  • February 8th 2019 – Altered Self-Experiences in Depersonalisation. Consciousness and Cognition Lab, University of Cambridge, the UK.
  • January 25-26th 2019 – The Effect of Depersonalisation on the Visual Remapping of Touch. Predictive Processing, Consciousness and the Self. Ruhr University Bochum, Germany.
  • December 17 – 18th 2018. Estranged from Oneself, Estranged from Others: Atypical Multisensory Integration in Depersonalisation. 4th Workshop on Virtual Social Interactions, Goldsmith University, London, the UK.
  • December 2nd – 5th 2018 – CIFAR Winter School Neuroscience of Consciousness – Montebello, Canada.
  • September 27th -28th 2018 – The Multisensory Base of Bodily Coupling in Face-to-face Social Interactions. Social cognition in humans and robots, University Medical Center, Hamburg, Germany.
  • September 5th - 7th 2018 – The Unreal Self – Altered Self-experiences in Depersonalisation Disorder, Open Self, Technical University Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
  • May 25th 27th 2018 – The Multisensory Base of Social Interactions. MeeTo 2018: from moving bodies to interactive minds, University of Turin, Torino, Italy.
  • March 16th 2018 – The Detached Self – Mind and Brain Symposium, Berlin School of Mind & Brain, Germany.
  • November 8th – 9th 2017 – Self-consciousness from within. Designed Minds 2017 - reflections on the function, evolution and implementation of consciousness -University of Edinburgh, the UK.
  • November 10th 2017- Altered Sense of Self in Depersonalisation (poster). First Workshop of the ‘Expecting Ourselves: Prediction, Action, and the Embodied Mind’ XSPECT, University of Edinburgh, the UK.
  • November 2nd – 4th 2017 – Empathy and Basic forms of Shared Experiences. Worlding the Brain II: Affect, Care, Engagement - Amsterdam Institute for Humanities Research (AIHR), Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • October 18th – 20th 2017 - Estranged from Oneself, Estranged from the Others? Investigating Depersonalization and Self-Other Mirroring, Berlin School of Mind and Brain, Berlin, Germany.
  • September 18th 2017 - The Touched Self: Proximal Intersubjectivity and the Self. Selfception- an Interdisciplinary Workshop on the Development of the Self. 7th Joint IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning and on Epigenetic Robotics University of Lisbon, Portugal.
  • March 16th -17th 2017 – ‘The Meeting of the “I’s" – Proximal Forms of Perceptual Awareness: Interoception and Intersubjective Touch’ - Me & I. Conceptual and Empirical Perspectives on the Self, Mind & Brain Symposium, Berlin, Germany.
  • August 12th – 2016 – ‘Compensatory Strategies in Online Social Interactions: Contrasting the Case of Autism with the Möbius Syndrome’, European Society for Philosophy and Psychology Conference, University of St. Andrews, the UK.
  • March 15th-16th 2016 – ‘Modelling Early Forms of Self-awareness’ –Berlin Mind & Brain Symposium, Berlin, Germany.
  • November 9th 2015– ‘The Second Person comes First! – A Developmental Perspective on the Self-Other Relatedness’ –Symposium on “The Significance of Phenomenology" University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • October 1rst – 2nd 2015 – ‘Seeing Oneself through the Eyes of Others: Early Forms of Self-Awareness’ – Max Planck Institute of Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen – The Netherlands (poster).
  • September 29th 2014 – ‘Understanding before Language’ – KogWis 2014 – How Language and Behaviour Constitute Cognition, University of Tubingen, Germany.
  • September 15th-19th 2014 – ‘Do 4-year-olds Metarepresent Others’ False-Beliefs?’ – European Society for Psychology and Philosophy (ESPP) – University of Noto, Sicily – Italy.
  • March 6th -7th 2014– ‘Building the Self through the Others: the Early Social Interactions’ – Workshop the Self and the Social, IFL University – Lisbon, Portugal.


  • Isolated Selves – an Enactive Approach to the Development of the Self and Intersubjectivity: the Case of Autism
  • Estranged from Oneself, Estranged from the Others – Investigating the Effect of Depersonalisation on Self-Other Mirroring (Bial Foundation n°57/16) in collaboration with Dr. Harry FARMER (University of Bath), Prof Ophelia DEROY (LMU Munich), Prof Vittorio GALLESE (University of Parma)


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